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When U & URS R One U know U are FREE & U & URS R in the Right Place Blactino Pride Studio Company (tm)

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The REAL Story Behind Blactino Pride Studio (tm)

What is Blactino Pride Studio (tm)?

We at Blactino Pride Studio (tm) is 100% a place for ADULTS, NO its NOT just a place for PORN or adult entertainment, it MUCH MORE, its a place to be heard in a WAY U have never been heard before, like a # METOOMOVEMENT for adults in this type of industry, but its as NOTED not just a place of PORN or ADULT ENTERTAINMENT, its a safe PLACE for all GLBTQ's and our allies (moms and dads, too, YES families members as well are WELCOMED)...WE do entertainment for adults, this is our interest, but its "NOT" our only concern in LIFE.  This is what Millennials see the WORLD as NOT the OLD GEN., they are so yesterday!

The colors of a true RAINBOW....

Blactino Pride Studio Co (tm) is a brain child of the Parent Company, Blactino Entertainment Company (tm), its clients was ASKING do or will We ever Do GLBTQ Adult entertainment, at first it was "NO" or HELL NO, than those at both WEB WISE (tm) and Bitch Alert (tm) Talked Us into it, which was NOT hard...So this is the Sole reason WE started Blactino Pride Studio (tm) @ which We need a fresh and job hungry MILLENNIAL, who is a s OPENED MINDED AS US and the CEO, if NOT don't apply, EMAIL US with YOUR job Resume, appl and U will and MUST be able to pass an I-9  form from Homeland Security  ...ALL IS WELCOMED!!!!


Now thank You, this site is just the FIRST of many steps in UR life U will take, BE SAFE, and most of all have some REAL FUN doing whatever U wish, and please DON't HURT URSELF or anyone else as U go in life, @ Blactino Pride Studio (tm) is not the FIRST type of company like this but we are trying to be the BEST at whatever WE decide to do ( NO THIS IS NOT A CON/SCAM, nor do WE need or want your money - EVER, and PLEASE don't send us any PHOTO's of U or URS, until you have something from US in written form signed by US and U) Again WELCOMED.


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Better yet, as the Millennial say - its just being U and having FUN, UR a Star...NOW!

We love our customers, so feel free  to vist our Web Site @ or just EMAIL US @

Blactino Pride Studio Company (tm)

140 West 29th Street, Pueblo, Colorado 81008, United States

(719) 557-9834, If U prefer to EMAIL US do so @ or


WELCOME to Blactino Pride Studio (tm), UR GLBTQ  destination for ADULTS 18+...This is NOT for anyone under 18+